News agency slanders Traditional order…

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Using a very misleading title, Catholic News agency (CNA) clearly posed an untruthful headline in a story about the Society of St Piux X today.

ESH has learned that CNA used the title “Traditionalists inidcate definitive break with Catholic Church”. But when one reads the actual article the agency finishes the sentence that SSPX has broken “talks with the Vatican”, and not a definitive schismatic rupture with the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ.

The clear message is to feed upon the visceral animus liberal and so-called “conservative” Catholics have for anything that happened in history after the end of Vatican II, around 1965. That’s when history started for these folks who can’t comprehend what the Social Kingship of Christ is and why anyone is upset it no longer rules Catholic countries, let alone mixed societies such as the US which is imbubed with masonic principles in government and culture. These neo-Cons cannot see why SSPX is “outside the Church” which, of course, the latter is not.

Pope Benedict XVI stated so many times, incorporating it into his 2007 document Summorum Pontificum which lifted the unjust “excommunications” of the SSPX bishops and clearly and solemnly stated the Tridentine Rite has NEVER been abrogated, also contrary to liberal conventional lies and wisdom”.

SSPX has often and vociferously claimed filial allegiance to the Holy Father and all magisterial teaching from Vatican II on, provided it is in harmony and continues along the same line as the Church has “always taught, everywhere, for all to believe”, the definitive conditions for something being an uinchanged teaching doctrine.

In matters of discipline, which SSPX often rightly protests Vatican and papal poor judgement, the group acceeds changes to the Magisterium and the Holy See. But this is not to say such things don’t weaken the faith of the faithful, given man’s fallen nature and concupisience. Things such as fast days, norms of modesty and outward expressions of one’s faith, as well as a precipitous decline of personal piety and prayer life including decreases in vocations and reception of the Sacrament of Confession.

It’s clear CNA’s aim was to slander Tradition, especially the old dinosaurs at SSPX.  There’s nothing like letting your actions speak louder than words by calumny and detraction for all the world to see. Wonder if the folks at CNA will do a thorough examination of conscience and repair the bad will they’ve sown yet once again.

For an entire unedited copy of the SSPX declaration letter celebrating the 25th anniversary of the historic and most necessary conscreations, click here…

For those who have any intellectual honesty, they will admit had it not been for the saintly Archbishop Lefebvre’s foresight and humility in performing the consecrations, the supreme gift of the Tridentine Rite may have slipped away from the world, much to our great loss.


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