OH passes budget with 5 pro-life provisions…

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The OH abortoholics are fit to be tied. Yesterday, the OH assembly passed a contentious biennial budget which is due, by law, at midnight Sunday night. The $62 billion budget carries 5 specific pro-life provisions although not all 5 are seen as being 100% pro-life by many observers including the “heartbeat” provision which forces the abortionist to inform a mother once a fetal heartbeat can be determined. It does not stop the abortion per se.

Another provision puts Klan Parenthood at the back of the line for various funding schemes, effectively de-funding the group that is the largest domestic terrorist organization, bragging it murdered >330,000 preborn babies last year plus another 1.4 million exterminated via chemical abortions.

Take out of the bill was accepting a federal expansion of Medicaid for 275,000 more Ohioans, inclduing more abortion, so-called “contraception” and sterilizations, all offensive to people of good will and the religious sensibilities of millions of taxpaying Ohioans. Gov John Kasich is expected to sign the budget bill Sunday.

A couple dozen abortoholics lined up in front of the Capitol yesterday to protest the pro-life amendments. They were met face to face with a silent, peaceful Created Equal group that had banners identifying abortion as murder and showing graphic pictures of babies killed by “choice”.

Local news media, such as WBNS TV 1o, focused on the PP crowd and had very short shots of Created Equal’s word banner but none of the baby pictures. Of course the local drive bys have no problems showing graphics shots of abused animals on commercials, but humans get no such sob stories.



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