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Well, there you go. Just when the feminazis and the leftist PC police  just about had most of the sheeple convinced that men and women are the same, there’s discrimination, unequal pay, a woman can do what a man does [we all know in our hearts that’s a lie against nature] blah, blah, blah, lots of chicks go and prove ESH right: the lights are on for a lot of chicks, but it seems no one is home. Blonde-itis has struck thousands if not millions of babes.

Aaron Hernandez.  (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

Scores of moronic bird-brain women are tweeting left and right defending the accused first degree murderer (and he may be responsible for a couple other murderers from last year..stay tuned) Aaron Hernandez, one time TE for the New England Patriots. The same who attended Florida while the upstanding Tim Tebow was around. The one who was in gangs as a youth in his home state of CT. The one with enough ugly tats to compile into a book. THAT Aaron Hernandez.

“He’s to hot or good looking to go to jail.” Serious?

Read on dear friend and witness for yourself that stupid is as stupid does for some of the female gender when it comes to murderers and hoodlums. Dumb chicks making dumb choices. Again. Still.

I hope I don’t have to discuss this again but fear I will. Here’s just one example:

candymkvi @candymkvi

Am I the only one who thinks Aaron Hernandez is still sexy even if he is a murderer?

Given the NFL’s history on murderers and the HOF, does this mean Hernandez still has a chance? Good thing he wasn’t a betting man like Pete Rose! Foul!

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