War on women…

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Is here. And it emanates not from Rush or the Tea Party. Or the various RTL groups. Nope. It comes straight from the abortion-population control juggernaut. Such as Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization in the US.


See the latest part of the REAL war on women by the baby killers who stand to profit with hundreds of millions of dollars this year by destroying the most innocent of our brothers and sisters, and maiming–at times killing–their unsuspecting mothers.

Such as the case of 18 yo Marla Cardamone.

A medical counselor told Marla that the prescription medication she had been taking would cause her baby to be born with severe birth defects.

This counselor then began to push Marla to have an abortion. When she refused, the pressure was increased until it became more than she could resist. At that point, an abortionist was brought in to kill her baby.

While he was at it, he also killed Marla.


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