The taking of Obamacare 1-2-3?

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Is this the beginning of the end of Obamacare or merely more mendacious deception in anticipation of the Nov 2014 mid-term elections?

Drudge seems to think the latter. ESH hopes it is both.


Either way, the Regime yesterday announced that it is giving corporations until Jan 2015 to comply with the onerous Sisyphian rock of the 2000+ pages of laws, rules and regulations around  the socialized medical experiment of Obamacare.

Dr O’Bama, of Irish and Kenyan lineage, has the wrong prescription for all of us in Obamacare. Only total repeal of the strictures of this massive waste of taxpayer money can correct the ship of government and free private individuals frompaying for insurance and risks they don’t want, with more than 50% of the population against this massive government takeover of 1/6th of the economy.

Even the libs at the NFL and other sports associations have said “njet” to the Komrade Kenyan. There’s nothing affordable about increased premiums, increased costs, longer waiting lines and a shortage of doctors and other health personnel.

Let’s hope for a Congressional takeover by the GOP in 2014 and TOTAL throwing out Obamacare and the horse that dragged it into town.



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