Pro-abort mom shocked: abortifacient IUD fails, 6 mos preggers…

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A pro-abortion mom, Caitlyn Beckner,  recently got the shock of her life: apparently her abortifacient IUD somehow failed to kill a child she conceived, and now she finds herself 6 mos pregnant.

Somehow nature has overcome the mom’s desperate attempt to mechanically and chemically (if it is one of the progestin-laced varieties like Mirena) abort her baby.

That innocent little guy was fighting for life. And the bigger shock is: she now wants her baby and delivered the same recently.

“Then,” writes Beckner, “she chirped, ‘Well, you’re about 24 weeks along, dear, so it’s too late to terminate,’ as she swiveled the ultrasound screen toward me.”

“I let out some sort of squawk. I saw a baby hand on the screen. I gasped that I felt dizzy,” she says. “Then I passed out on the f***ing table.”

But here’s the best part: When Beckner left the office she called her husband and told him (using some rather choice language) that they were having the baby. But when she got home, he met her there, “greeting me in our apartment complex with an ear-to-ear grin and tears of happiness streaming down his face.”

ESH is also smiling, seeing God’s handiwork in melting the hardened pro-abortion heart of a mom and letting her feminine maternal side do what it was created to do: give life and love the baby.


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