O’Bama Transparency: Amgen gets secret letter on Neulasta 340B contract pricing…

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Amgen just announced that Neulasta purchases by 340B covered entities must be made exclusively from such specialty distributors as AmerisourceBergen’s ASD Healthcare business.

Despite loud protests from the Safety Net Hospitals for Pharmaceutical Access (SNHPA), the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has reportedly decided that Amgen’s distribution plan “will not violate the 340B statute.”


This is clearly at odds with a free market approach, however perverted, to the twisted Pharma industry. And it reinforces again [sic] just how transparent the Regime is when it comes to dealing with yet another example of croney capitalism under the cloak of the Kenyan kommie’s own version of marxism flush with cash.

Following in the pathetic footsteps of other barely-accountable government bureaucracies (IRS, NSA, Justice Department), HRSA has labeled its decision “top secret” and won’t release any regulations or public rulemaking about pharma manufacturer distribution strategies. Instead, HRSA continues to operate the 340B program through a tangle of sub-regulatory guidance that is not readily available for public comment or review.

Bottom line is HRSA perpetuates a fictitious 340B program with low costs for the Regime’s friends and eventually the rest of the cost is passed on to commercial insurance payors, who end up passing that on to premium holders (such as employers, MCOs, etc), who–finally–pass on that cost to consumers in the form of higher premiums.

Feeling warm-n-fuzzy inside about that Obamacare?


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