21 women cite uterine perforation in Mirena, IUD lawsuits…

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Twenty one women have filed a Mirena birth control lawsuit against Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals in CA Superior Court. The products liability claim was brought on June 7, 2013 and alleges that the defendants manufactured a defective intrauterine device marketed as Mirena, which caused the plaintiffs to sustain life-threatening complications and injuries.

This is an on-going culmination of thousands of lawsuits brought against IUD manufacturers starting with the mega billions settlements of the deadly Dalkon Shield in the 1970s and 1980s, made by former Big Pharma company AH Robins, swallowed up through various mergers and now owned by Pfizer/Wyeth. Guess they should have stuck with a winner and backed Robitussin instead.

The Mirena side effects suffered by the women included perforation of the uterus and organ damage that required surgical removal of the IUD.

IUDs are well documented to be chiefly abortifacient in nature owing to their mechanical effect on the endometrium of the uterus and, in the case of progestin-laced IUDs, thinning of the endometrial lining to which junior attaches after creation and migrating down mom’s fallopian tube.


While the exact nature of the plaintiffs’ Mirena IUD complications aren’t detailed in the complaint, court documents state that each woman alleges she sustained injuries after the device migrated spontaneously, punctured the uterus then embedded in tiny fragments in the bowel, stomach and intestines, necessitating surgical removal. Allegations such as these aren’t the first to arise in court, as dozens of women who chose the Mirena as their primary method of birth control claim that Bayer misled the public about the IUD’s safety and efficacy.

Here’s what this bad case scenario looks like from the victim’s point of view:

Not pretty, eh? They won’t show you this pic on TV like they do with abused puppies so you’ll send in big $$$.

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