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Bishop Lawrence Persico of Erie, PA is to be applauded for removing the label “Catholic” from a hospital in his NW PA diocese ( It appears that Bishop Persico was doing what a good shepherd does: he followed Pope-emeritus Benedict XVI’s guidance and did what the situation demanded, to wit:

In the case of Bishop Persico’s hospital, St Vincent run by the Sisters of St Joseph, it appears that they were at least being forthright, albeit recalcitrant and disobedient. In many other dioceses, hospitals are shamelessly claiming to be “Catholic” in spite of easy-to-find outrages. Two examples that come to mind are Philadelphia and Columbus, OH.

Philadelphia allows privileges to a number of physicians who are clearly and shamelessly violating Catholic teaching and doctrine on the matter of fundity at a PNFPN conference:

  • 1) the paucity of NFP-only physicians:  only one OBGYN from Philadelphia hospitals could be identified on One More Soul’s list of NFP only Ob/Gyns.
  • 2) “privileges” for IVF specialists: ALL of Holy Redeemer’s “Reproductive Endocrinologists and Obstetricians” are IVF specialists (ie, Drs Larry Barnat and Jennifer Nichols of Abington Reproductive Medicine; Drs Arthur Castelbaum, Martin Freedman, and Benjamin Gocial of Reproductive Medicine Associates of Philadelphia; Dr Maria Pia Platia of Fertility and Gynecology Associates) and NONE of Holy Redeemer’s obstetricians are to be found on a list of NFP-only physicians!
  • 3) “privileges” for associates of practice involved with “fetal reduction”: As per posters at, Dr. Frank Craparo is a practitioner of “reduction” ie baby-killing search-n-destroy methods.  All of St Mary Medical Center’s specialists in “Maternal Fetal Medicine” – including Dr. Stephen Smith – are associates of Craparo at “Abington Perinatal Associates.” Smith’s name had been removed from St. Mary’s online directory, around the time that the Huffington Post reported the following: Dr Stephen Smith of St Mary’s performed an ultrasound on an expecting mother and confirmed that the fetus had polycystic kidney disease, a fatal condition in infants. Smith recommended an abortion…. local abortion opponents publicized Smith’s advice….any pledge to support Catholic doctrine on medical matters is broadly viewed as a formality to be agreed to and then summarily ignored.”
  • 4) provision of information on “advance directives” which fails to specify that Catholic teaching must be honored – particularly with regard to the provision of nutrition and hydration. This in the home archdiocese of Terri Schiavo!  Neither Saint Mary’s Advanced Directives and Living Wills, nor Holy Redeemer’s Making Your Own Health Care Decisions and Advance Directive Form, nor Mercy Health System’s Vendor Compliance Program, nor Lourdes’ Pre Admission testing, nor St. Francis’ Advance Directives properly specify Catholic teaching with regard to nutrition and hydration, and that health care services cannot honor advance directives (eg, non-specific directives to forego nutrition and hydration) opposed to Catholic teaching.

In Columbus, OH, the faithful have been, for a number of years, calling for suspension of privileges at the Mt Carmel hospitals (Trinity Health soon to be Catholic Health East) for the abortion tag team of “Drs” Mervyn and Milroy Samuel, both whom perform numerous abortions locally and with bravado. The Samuels’ house of horrors on the northeast side of town–just doors away from a Byzantine Catholic church–is regularly picketed, protested and prayed at by various local faithful.  If Bishop Frederick Campbell is working on removing the name “Catholic” from the indifferent Mt Carmel system, it is mysteriously cloaked in secrecy and just needs to gain momentum.

Of course, a history of botched abortions follows the Samuels’s


Calls and emails to the diocese and bishop to do his sheep-protecting duty go unanswered. Oh, well. Maybe under the next pope?

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