Kenyan cardinal puts Kenyan kommie in his place…

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Not wishing to follow the road to perdition, heavily traveled in the West and especially the US of late, Kenyan Cardinal John Njue has issued a strongly worded riposte to US President Barack O’Bama’s call for the decriminalization of sodomite homosexuality in Africa.

At the start of his three-nation African tour in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, on 28 June, Mr Obama said sodomites deserved equal rights. Homosexual acts are illegal in 38 African nations.

This new pearl was ignored by the drive by state run media for the most part during the Kenyan kommie’s recent trip to the homeland at a cost to US taxpayers of close to $100 million.

Meanwhile, unemployment in the US remains languishing at an inflated long term rate of 7.6%. It was recently reported, only 47% of all US citizens are gainfully employed.


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