Chicago racists show they like black on black violence…

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The racists running what claims to be a church–maybe it is, maybe it ain’t but it seems like it is a leftist political hornet’s nest–had a provocative saying at it’s front entrance after the weekend drama of the Zimmerman acquittal:

‘It’s safe to kill black people in Amerikkka”. Sounds like a page out of the “Rev” Jerry Wright of O’Bama/Soetoro fame.


Maybe they should speak to the Kenyan kommie or the Godfather Emmanuel as to why there have been more than 700 shootings in Dem-controlled, gun controlled Chicago this year….74 alone the Independence Day weekend with 12 murders.

Most of these were black on black violence. Where are the drive by media to stir up class and race hatred as they have for 1.5 yrs in Sanford, FL?

And here’s a sampling of just a smattering of the hatred and division encouraged and whipped up by the Kenyan kommie (guess the violence is being perpetrated by the others who look like his son if he had one):


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