Money is the answer; what was your question?

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The old adage is true yet again in the case of abortoholic TX rep Wendy Davis of filibustering fame against reasonable health protections for Lone Star state women.

Seems that long winded soliloquy on behalf of killing minority babies in TX worked for Wendy. To the tune of $1 million in largesse for her election war chest.

Davis, 50, who is running for re-election to the state Senate in 2014 and has been called upon by some fellow Dems to run for TX governor, raised $933,000 in two weeks and now has more than $1 million in her campaign coffers, her campaign said.

TX campaign finance reports, due by midnight Monday for fundraising in the first six months of the year, show that Davis has a large following in TX as well as outside the state, mostly by feminazis, lesbians and left wing kook abortoholics. She received donations from 15,290 contributors, her campaign said.

The report shows Davis raised $580,000 from TX contributors and the balance of $353,000 from out-of-state donors. The majority of the funds were raised in the period after she staged the filibuster. Recent CDC data also shows 63% of babies butchered by abortion are minority babies.

Nice pay day, Wendy. ESH hopes you sleep peacefully knowing you not only failed in stopping the eventual passing of these pro-life protections (like a “doctor” has to be present for a chemical abortion and not do it on Telemed as is allowed in backwaters like Iowa), but you got to make some good coin for less than 12 hrs work.

Your ma and pa must be proud!



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