89% of doctors see Obamacare as disaster…

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ESH imagines that percentage will be as high–if not higher–among pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare practitioners impacted by the abomination of socialized medicine coming to a state exchange near you quite soon.

Obamacare train wreck

A new survey shows that an overwhelming percentage of physicians–89%– don’t believe that their states’ new health insurance exchanges will meet the Oct. 1 deadline for those key Obamacare marketplaces to begin enrolling the uninsured. Disaster looms with approximately 20-25 million new patients to manage and the same, or fewer doctors, NPs and PAs available.

Just 11% of doctors believe those exchanges will be open for business that day. The time is still available to act: the House has rejected Obamacare now 38 times since passage in March 2010; the Senate needs to do the same. Voters can guarantee that by throwing the bums out in 2014 and doing the smart, right thing in 2016 for the presidency. This time, let’s give it to a natural born American and one that is not a practicing marxist.



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