Leftists enjoy being perverted too…

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Think pervesion is just limited to choir directors at the Ohio State Fair? Uh uh!

Leftists enjoy being perverted too. And for proof, we need only look at the 23 yr old “progressive” chick who is the latest thorn in Anthony Weiner’s erection difficulties. He says he’s staying in, but many, including some Dems, are telling him to pull out.

But ESH digresses….

Screen shot 2013-07-24 at 10.41.52 AM

The woman who he was sending sex messages to in this new, second scandal is 23-year-old “Sydney Leathers” (sounds like a burlesque or strip club stage name). She has released copies of the raunchy conversations she has had with the ex-congressman. She also publicly released pictures of Weiner’s genitals that he sent to her.

She goes by “Sydney Leathers” when speaking on line to “Carlos Danger” but most people know her as a die hard brainless feminazi twit who has no problem letting a man twice her age talk obscenities and male pics of his male organ to her daily for close to 6 months. She also was–ta da!–an O’Bama campaigner for the Kenyan kommie.

Whew! Thank God those homely looking aged women burned their bras in the 1960s and 70s so “Sydney Leathers” could try to scam some dough and a Chicago condo from the lib moron Weiner and–indirectly–his Muslim wifey, former Hillary Clinton aide, Huma.



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