Risk management vs protecting the flock…

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Here’s a fascinating and bone-chilling story of a man’s fight to get justice as a victim of Catholic clergy sex abuse when he was growing up in Long Island.

John Salveson, photo by Peter Tobia

A number of newspapers, such as The Wanderer and The Remnant, reported the sex abuse that was occuring back in the 1980s and 1990s but few listened, scoffing at the thought of homosexual and pederast predators going–chiefly–after young boys.

The outbreak of sex abuse stories in 2002 was just a re-emergence of a number of old stories as well as some new ones. Only this time it got traction and lots of print in the drive by media. And not because they are virtuous, but they smelled blood and so much of the drive by’s are hostile to anything Catholic, so to bring some of that institution down whets their appetites.

Read how this man’s fight for true justice brought him to the realization that the American conciliar Church’s main objective was “risk managment” rather than living the Gospel and Christ’s admonisment to “protect the flock”…

It shows once again the Church, full of sinners and saints, has a Divine mission and unerring Magisterium and is the only true church founded by Christ, but has many sinful and weak men often in positions of power and influence who ignore Her teachings passed on from Jesus, yet She survives despite these wicked men.


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