Francis contradicts predecessor’s motu proprio…

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There were those who predicted that Pope Francis would not distance himself from the stance of his predecessor. The latter, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, had justly and rightfully liberalized the celebration of the Mass in the ancient Tridentine Latin rite as a so-called “extraordinary” form of the modern rite, with the motu proprio “Summorum Pontificum” of July 7, 2007:

> Benedict XVI Liberalizes the Ancient Rite of the Mass – And Explains Why

and with the subsequent instruction “Universæ Ecclesiæ” of May 13, 2011:

> Two Masses for a Single Church [a contradiction, since the Church is One, but actually has at least 22 different liturgical Rites, not two]

And there were instead those who prognosticated on the part of Francis a restriction – or even a cancellation – of the possibility of celebrating the Mass with the Tridentine rite prior to Vatican Council II, even at the cost of contradicting the decisions of Benedict XVI with the latter still alive.

And so it seems he has done so…

On a second point, during his flight home from his hip trip to Brasil, Pope Francis appeared to again contradict Benedict XVI and all his predecessors by opening himself to sodomites who have not renounced their sinfulness of sodomy while demand acceptance from the Church much like a petulant 2 yr old.


One thought on “Francis contradicts predecessor’s motu proprio…

    Doody, Dennis said:
    July 29, 2013 at 13:26

    I saw this on EWTN. The half clothed native people of Brazil with the Pope. What’s the Church coming to? I cannot imagine this happening to Pope Pius XII. He had more dignity than this.

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