Peace, love and violence in Chile…

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Seems the peace and justice side of abortoholics just cannot ever come to the surface.

In the main cathedral in Santiago, Chile, the pro-violence abortoholics went postal and desecrated that holy space with all sorts of blasphemous graffitti, defacing property inside and out, and loud, boistrous disruption of a sacred ceremony.

Surprised? ESH is not since these folks have killing preborn babies as their “sacrament” and their father as the devil. They are diabolical in the literal sense of the word. They are fueled by the relativistic, naturalistic, anti-God philosophy of the freemasons.

The activists unexpectedly stormed into the cathedral at the conclusion of a pro-abortion march. The damage would have been worse were it not for riot police who quelled the vandalism.

Abortion is still illegal in Chile, including in case of rape.

Pro-abortion forces were recently enraged when President Sebastian Pinera praised an 11-year-old for her “depth of maturity” after she said in a TV interview that she wants to give birth to the baby conceived when she was raped by her mother’s boyfriend.



One thought on “Peace, love and violence in Chile…

    James Bendell said:
    August 1, 2013 at 15:32

    Every time I see your emails under the new format I get hungry for a piece of Klobasa.


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