Edified devil worshipers commit hate crime…

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Seems the devil worshipers in southern central rural Virginia have done some edification, to the point they wrote some graffitti on a Protestant church in Latin recently.

Little Church of the Bretheran church in Danville, VA was tagged with red graffitti stating “Ave Satanas”.


Did anyone tell these cowardly hate crime committers most Protestant churches do not use Latin as a liturgical language? Can the satanists provide a translation service required of many private institutions by the Regime’s socialist minions?

Where are the Revs. Jackson, Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright for these hate crimes against Christians? What, no race-baiting money to be extorted?

Finally, did the satanists later assemble for some celebration brewskis at the local freemason lodge?



One thought on “Edified devil worshipers commit hate crime…

    Doody, Dennis said:
    August 5, 2013 at 14:47

    I think it is Spanish – the Spanish word for satan is “satanas” which is what’s written on that church.

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