Niceae to be second of epic films on Catholic faith…

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After decades of nothing but hatred, intolerance, vituperation, calumny, slander and all sorts and forms of mendacity, the Hollywood types (at least the few that have their heads screwed on properly) will be making a second recent eic film that more or less explains parts of the Catholic faith correctly (with possibly some minor errors but not the malicious kind we usually see from Hollywood).

In 2004, we had Mel gibson’s block buster Passion of the Christ, whose beauty and accuracy is only exceed by Robert Powell’s role as Jesus in Jesus of Nazareth.

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ESH’s good friend and writer extraordinaire, Randy Engel, sums it up well for the layman, so no need to be redundant about those things Randy does well with the King’s English. She of course has been a writer/reporter since the Vietnam War days, the population control hearings in the 1970s and the culture of life battles, including her shocking bombshells exposing the Lavender Mafia within the Catholic Church, The Rite of Sodomy.

Randy Engel, one of the nation’s top investigative reporters, began her journalistic career shortly after her graduation from the University of New York at Cortland, in 1961. A specialist in Vietnamese history and folklore, in 1963, she became the editor of The Vietnam Journal, the official publication of the Vietnam Refugee and Information Services, a national relief program in South Vietnam for war refugees and orphans based in Dayton, Ohio… (more)

So, read this excellent piece and if so moved, buy one or more of her books. Oh, she also worked with the famous Dr jerome LeJeune in setting up the Michael Fund, as a pro-life alternative to the pro-abortion March of Dimes. LeJeune, of course, discovered the cause of Trisomy-23 (Down’s Syndrome) and his cause for canonization has begun in earnest, and has been completed at the diocesan phase in the Archdiocese of Paris. Engel also founded and runs the pro-life organization, US Coalition for Life.



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