Lesbian will not get job back at Columbus high school…

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Overt and in-your-face lesbian activist Karla Hale will not be getting her job back at Columbus Bishop Watterson High School, the Columbus Dispatch reported. Sister TV station WBNS, the local CBS affiliate owned by the Dispatch, confirmed the report.

An online Catholic TV report spelled out some of the details on Friday.

Carla Hale’s attorney and the diocese said in a joint statement yesterday that Hale will not return to Bishop Watterson High School “but will receive acknowledgement for her years of service.” Neither Hale’s attorney nor the diocese would elaborate.

Hale, 57, a Powell, OH resident, was fired after she listed the name of sexually active her partner in a newspaper obituary for her mother. The diocese has said she was fired because she publicly disclosed an extramarital relationship that violates the tenets of the Catholic Church and her employment contract. The public notification of an active sexual lesbian relationship clearly violated the terms of Hale’s employment contract and its morals clause.

Hey, Karla, sexual perversion is not part of phys. ed. Ask Jerry Sandusky’s kids!



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