MO legislator sues Obamacare diktat for self, family…

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Missouri state Rep Paul Wieland (R) filed a lawsuit against the federal government on Wednesday seeking an exemption from abortifacient-contraception coverage diktat in his state insurance plan.

Wieland, a Catholic, asked the federal court to declare that the abortifacient-contraception diktat in President Obama’s healthcare overhaul violates his family’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

Wieland and his family qualify for the state health plan through his service in the state House. The legislator, who recently announced his candidacy for MOSenate, had been able to opt out of contraception coverage in previous years. He was notified last month that his state plan now includes the mandatory coverage.

The suit names the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Treasury Department and the Labor Department.

Wieland’s suit is one of over 70 filed against the abortifacient-contraception diktat nationwide. ESH hopes Wieland prevails as a number of other litigants already have against the diktat of the Regime.


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