Chi-Com doc stealing, selling babies…

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A 55-year-old obstetrician at Fuping County Maternal and Child Healthcare Hospital was arrested last month and charged Aug. 9 with trafficking newborns as far back as 2006.

As many as 55 possible baby thefts from the hospital are under investigation, with Zhang a principal suspect in half of them, according to police statements.

Child trafficking is a huge problem in rural China, where babies are sometimes snatched from their parents’ arms and sold to couples unable to conceive or who desperately want a boy. In December, the Public Security Ministry said it had rescued 54,000 children since April 2009, when a nationwide campaign against trafficking began. And this is coming from a government with a Stalinist one-child per family program and forced abortions, not to mention the physical and psychological torture of Christians fighting the Regime on such matters.

Zhang’s arrest has devastated families in villages near Fuping, a county of 800,000 in northern China’s Shaanxi province, famous for its apple orchards. The doctor, who grew up nearby, has delivered many babies in the area, as did her mother, also an obstetrician.

The devaluation of the intrinsic and inestimatable value of human life has extremely degraded with the culture of death [abortion, sterilization, so-called contraception, euthanasia, rationing of care, etc] imbued into the international collective as well as that in the Chi-Com ‘people’s paradise’.


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