Springtime Update: The Church of Nice exposed…

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Michael Voris of Church Militant.tv, a You Tube based daily TV commentary, has done many excellent episodes over the years, despite a couple set backs with their own in house.

In the latest episode Voris exposes one unnamed bishop who went after both his online TV video apostolate for exposing Campaign for Human Development, a Saul Alinsky-styled leftist cause for which the bishops annually seek funds. The CCHD has been exposed on numerous occassions for donating funds to organizations promoting baby killing and so-called “contraception”, many of which products are often abortifacient themselves.

He also shows how ALL’s exposure of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) hit a nerve with the bishop associated with its operation, and that the printing contact Judie Brown’s husband, Paul Brown, and his company AKA printing, lost over the matter.

Finally, Voris discusses the whopping salaries of “professional Catholics” such as Catholic Answers–itself in dire financial straits since its multiple sessions attacking Traditional Catholics. Dittos for many EWTN personalities. Annual salaries for a number of players for both organizations are $100,000+, with CA’s Karl Keating bringing in a cool $250,000. But Mother Angelica never did that in her days at EWTN.

Voris’s message is the “church of nice” can easily turn on those who question bad decisions by bishops and “cathlic” organizations. The love, love, love of the doves can easily turn to the talons of the hawk.



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