Nigeria state Imo quietly approves abortion…

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Under the pretense of an “anti-violence” bill, the Nigerian state of Imo has approved abortions for the first time. The predominantly Mohammedan country, with a growing population of Catholics and other protestant sects, had forbidden baby killing until now.

Imo is not an acronym for “in my opinion” as the term is often used in texting and on the Internet.

Like most bills, it is very long and intimidating to read. But unlike most bills, it was kept secret – top secret. But it has now been brought into the light.

Buried under hundreds of paragraphs and thousands of words, was the right to abortion.

Yes indeed , the poisonous mix of “sexual and reproductive health” plus “family planning” has mixed the death potion of abortion.

In this little known state in Africa, the right to abortion has been signed into law without public notice and without anybody finding out about it.

This is the kind of imperialism the left should be fighting, not the faux ones like assisting the locals with sanitation, water projects and drugs which actually fight diseases and assist in maintaining good health.

The USAID, UNFPA and other anti-natalist groups have long fought the local cultures, tribes, religions and so forth to open the door to baby killing. That’s part of what Margaret Sanger would have called Africa’s “Negro Project”, just like the one she engineered for her group, Klan Parenthood, decades ago in the US.

Mags would be so proud!



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