Renewal Update: Tradition works at St Catherine of Siena in Phoenix…

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We traditionalist Catholics know that it is the Holy Ghost that is and will renew the Catholic Church.  And, as difficult as it is to be a traditional Catholic at this time in history of the world and church, there are great signs of renewal.

gesu e maria 2009 v

Everywhere we see that young people (like with Juventutem) are attracted to the “Mass of All Ages”, the Latin Mass.  We see young families with lots of children at the Latin Mass.  We see all ages rediscovering the “Great Treasure” (as Pope Benedict called it) of the Tridentine Mass.  More and more priests are saying their first mass in the Vetus Ordo.

Last year, the Diocese of Columbus, OH had 3 new priests. All 3 offered the Mass of All Times for their first, thanksgiving Mass.

Read on from the pastor of St Catherine of Siena in Phoenix, AZ, who can be seen here wearing the traditional full length soutaine



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