Al-Assad: whom do you believe, me or Kerry’s lying lips?

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Appearing Sunday on “Slay the Nation,” ex-alcoholic Charlie Rose for the first time discussed sitting down with President Bashar al-Assad for his only television interview since the Kenyan kommie Soetoro asked Congress last week to approve a military strike against Syria.

The Kenyan wants political cover to blame Congress now that he’s painted his rookie arse into a corner on the international stage.

See the video:

Speaking with extreme leftie Bob Schieffer, the “CBS This Morning” co-host previewed the interview – held Sunday at the presidential palace in Damascus – which is al-Assad’s first with an American TV network in nearly two years.

Rose, looking bleary red-eyed as is his norm, reported the Syrian leader addressed allegations that his regime used chemical weapons against his own people. He stated al-Assad was “remarkably calm”.

Al-Assad has point blank stated John F-ing Kerry has lied about the Syrian Regime’s use of chemical weapons against its own people in the civil war that has claimed >100,000 civilian lives and has displaced an estimated 10% of Syria’s poluation, or 2 million men, women and children, huddled in various other countries in unsanitary tent cities that are short on food and clean water.

Charlie Rose interviews Syrian President Bashar Assad

East vs West stark contrast: tyrant al-Assad sits calmly and upright while ex-alcoholic Charlie Rose slumps red-eyed in his chair…pathetic

Who shall we believe? A dictator who wields an iron fist in dealing with his people? Or lefty Kerry who went to commie Vietnamese “catechism” lessons to spew their propaganda laundry list of grievances against the US and the West? Who threw his military medals over a fence in disgust and disrespect to the US? Who sided with fellow lefty “Hanoi Jane” Fonda against US soldiers who were being starved, beaten, tortured and killed by the commie Viet Cong? Who accused our soldiers of rape, pillaging and plunder of Vietnamese villages? Who reamed Bush 43 a new one saying he was lying about Hussain’s WMDs in Iraq a mere 10 years ago? Who has not produced a schintilla of actual evidence for the public to examine on its own, independent of the Regime’s and the DNC’s proganda arms in the drive by state run media?

Thanks for making the decision so tough, Barrie and Kerry!


2 thoughts on “Al-Assad: whom do you believe, me or Kerry’s lying lips?

    James Bendell said:
    September 9, 2013 at 13:44

    Syria is one fifth Christian. If Assad is thrown out and Alqueada takes over, there could be Christian Holocaust.

      eastsidehunky responded:
      September 9, 2013 at 13:50

      I agree….al-Assad is a tyrant already targeting mostly Christians, Catholic and Orthodox, as well as what is being done by his al Qeada “buddies”….yet O’Bama and Kerry make it hard to believe them esp. with no public proof….

      The de-Christianized West is falling into the trap of the Mohammedans and their fellow travellers who also hate the US (Russia, China, Iran etc)….

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