Oops! Didn’t mean to jump the gun!…

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Looks like a parish in the NE suburb of Columbus, OH has jumped the gun on the much anticipated and promoted canonization of the late Pope John Paul II.

St Paul in Westerville, OH, ostensibly trusting that God will confirm their new expensive window. They just went ahead and figured since the promoters like calling him “The Great”, who would object to just go ahead and call him saint.


Although the latter pope had done and said many good and orthodox things, especially his devotion to the Blessed Mother and his defense of the “culture of life”, he also had been well known for many heterodox and scandalous writings, saying and meetings over the years, such as the two prayer meetings at Assisi under his tutelage and direction, with a mish mash miscegenation with heretic protestant sects, the schismatic Orthodox and various pagan religions from the East and Africa, just for one example.

Although his promoters are certain he’ll be canonized, it is not 100% in the bag and God has disposed of such flights of fancy before despite the machinations of man.



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