Sacramento diocese has sodomite leather retreat…

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Act surprised! Like you didn’t expect this or know it could happen in a western diocese, especially in the US, in Cali, the land of nuts and fruits.

From August 30 to September 2, Dignity San Francisco and the San Francisco chapter of the Defenders did sponsor a retreat at the Christ the King Passionist Retreat Center in Citrus Heights, CA.

The Leather Spirituality section of the Defenders webpage elaborates on just how a “richer spirituality for the Church could be produced: “What we notice about our sexual experience as leather people is that much of what turns us on sexually has to do with such things as power exchange (dominance/submission); trust in s/m scenes where we feel the power of vulnerability and even fear, whether our own or the placing of another’s in our hands; and the intimacy of intense physical bonding which carries deeper meaning beyond the outward act itself.

“Words we use in the leather community  such as “honor” and “respect” reflect that as well…. For us this has taken us into acknowledging the deeper meanings of our sexuality and its connection to the interior life. We choose to identify that dimension of our life as our spirituality. For us, that connection both grounds ‘spirituality’ in a healthy, freely given sexual life and acknowledges our capacity in sexual activity to have deep and soaring, even ecstatic, experience…”

ESH thinks you get the idea. Both disgusting as well as scandalous that a diocese would sponsor such perversion, sewer filth and a source of grave mortal sinning in its own retreat house, bringing more confirmation, credence and fulfillment to such approved visions as Our Lady of Salette.



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