Sanctuary lamp has extinguished?…

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An excellent sermon on the errors of Modernism, many of which have infected both the faithful and many clerics, even high in the Church, status post Vatican II. Many of these are freemasonic or Illuminati types of liberal ideas, which is no surprise since their attacks on the church has been that She refuses to “evolve” with the times, one of the condemned propositions in the document link below by Blessed Pope Piux IX.

Fr Michael Rodrigeuz is from El Paso, TX and has become well known the past few years from being a courageous defender of the faith and Traditional Catholicism.

Give him a listening here for a sermon you’ll rarely hear in church….it’s only 37:20 long.

In the sermon he discusses the Syllabus of Errors from Blessed Pope Pius IX (1864).

He also mentions the encyclical Mortalium Animos by Pope Pius XI (1928).

ESH has included the links to these documents for your edification and reference to see all of it in context.


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