CA 40 yr old woman bleeds out from IUD removal, laceration…

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A 40 yr old CA woman who had an IUD inserted, the removed, has bled to death and her husband is suit-happy. And for good reason.

Nicole Lee Stein Caruso had a 40-minute medical procedure to remove her IUD and have a tubal ligation on April 13, 2011.

However, a pinprick just three-by-four millimeters lacerted Caruso’s left internal iliac artery, the main artery of the pelvis.

When she complained about her pain, her husband, Tom, reportedly gave her a Vicodin. When her discomfort persisted, Tom called Dr. Michael Synn, who performed the operation, but Synn did not return the call.

Nicole fell asleep. But she lost two quarts of blood overnight through gradual internal bleeding.

The tiny wound sent her into cardiac arrest, and she died.



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