Bad hair day in Slovenija…

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Quite disgusting and deplorable….the oath of a bishop is to defend Jesus Christ and His Church on this earth, not enemies of Christ whose Koran [or the more messed up spelling of Q’uran] mocks and slanders Christ, the Holy Trinity and His Mother, the Immaculate and Ever Virgin Mary, mankind’s solitary boast.

Yet Bishop Andrej Glavan of Novo Mesto–only one of 2 active bishops in the country at present–went on to attend a mosque dedication lavishing praise upon the violent Mohammedans, who generally have forcibly converted Christians to their pagan religion at the end of a scythe.

Any Mohammedans in Slovenija are more than likely Bosnians (Bosnjaki) or other nationalities from the south of former Jugoslavija that had been influenced by the hundreds of years of invasions and takeovers by the Ottoman Turks…a country whose artificial hodge podge of nationalities, religions, languages and alphabets led to the perjorative term “balkanization”.

Separately, two Slovenian archbishop prelates–the only archbishops in the country of 2 million and 4 dioceses– also recently tendered their resignation to Pope Francis, under a cloud of scandal. This latter item related to a financial scandal in the diocese of Maribor.

The two archbishops are Anton Stres (second from left) and Martin Turnsek (first from right).


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