‘Dem layoffs coming ’cause Obamacare…

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Wondering where my O’Bama Phone may be, one cannot but wonder if Obamacare will singlehandedly take down the US health care system in the next year or so. Don’t be fooled: the intent all along was to take down the capitalist system and make the almighty State the benefactor of all largesse, most of it doled out based on chroneyism.

This week a number of huge employers announced layoffs, reductions in staff and hours or–in the case of 160,000 employee strong Walgreens–transfer of employee health care lives to an exchange being run by trickster consultant/PBM wannabee/benefits manager AON-Hewitt.

Indiana University health system announced layoffs of 800 people because of the Obamacare mandates looming. Cleveland Clinic, the largest private employer in NE Ohio and not far from ESH’s birthplace, did the same soon after, Announcing a need to trim expenses $300 Million–6% of its budget–the Clinic is going to pinkslip thousands.

The Cleveland Clinic is far from alone in suffering cuts. This is the NEW normal, just like 5+ years of a languishing economy and job market under the Kenyan kommie.

On Wednesday, Summa Health System in Akron, OH, confirmed that it was trimming $8.2 million from its budget by laying off 58 workers this week, cutting back the hours for 46 more, and opting not to fill 132 open positions, mostly through attrition. In February, Akron General Health System laid off 132 employees and cut 118 other positions. In 2011, University Hospitals announced $100 million in cuts over two years, and MetroHealth Medical Center laid off 450 people by cutting $30 million and closing a 144-bed skilled nursing facility.

“This has become the new normal,” Sheil said. “This has been a conversation that’s been ongoing, not just at the Cleveland Clinic but nationally.”

This is how the Kenyan’s centralized planned economy and government will be working. He has 3 more years of destruction he can do. Considering the devastation to all sectors of the US the past 5 years,

ESH would say he may bring a once mighty nation to its knees and ring the death knell personally.

Then he and Moochelle can go retire to Oahu at that $40 million joint Penny Pritzker and prijatelji have rounded up for Barrie, living like the rich folks they so despise and vilify daily.



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