Who are we to judge?

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ESH thinks that it looks like all those diocesan “protecting God’s children” programs are not working. And, maybe because they target the laity working with young children rather than where the problem REALLY is: homosexual clerics. Since most dioceses have made such programs mandatory to be a parish or diocesan volunteer, ESH has taken the position of non possumus: the bishops will have to go find volunteers elsewhere until the problem is actually dealt with and not projected to unculpable lay volunteers.

ESH recommends the same to other laity.

Apostolic Nuncio investigated for alleged sexual abuse

By  on Thursday, 5 September 2013

Archbishop Josef Wesolowski is being investigated (AP Photo)Archbishop Josef Wesolowski is being investigated (AP Photo)

The Dominican Republic’s top prosecutor has said that he plans to investigate claims of sexual abuse allegedly committed by the apostolic nuncio to the Caribbean country, just a day after the Vatican confirmed its own investigation into the allegations.

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski, appointed as nuncio in 2008, was removed from the post on August 21, and a Dominican bishop confirmed in early September that the dismissal was due to the sexual abuse scandal unfolding in the country.

Days after Archbishop Wesolowski’s removal, a television news programme aired allegations that he had paid for sex with minors and was connected to a Polish priest accused of sexually assaulting at least 14 underage boys. [story continued at above link…]


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