The problem is homosexuality: SEVEN sodomite priests in the last 5 days busted…

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If you have been keeping count that is SEVEN  Sexual Abuse cases involving Minors Reported in the Last FIVE DAYS!

It Includes a bishop (Peru) and an archbishop [Dominican Republic]… the latest is in Peru:

Others include [you can Google the articles]:

  • Rev Curtis Wehmeyer [St. Paul,MN]
  • Rev Robert Poandl [Columbus OH]
  • Rev William Paulish [Scranton, PA]
  • Rev. Julio Cesar Grassi  Argentina

The problem is not just about sex abuse: it is homosexuality and pederasty [having a thing for teenage boys before the age of majority].

There’s where Circus Bergoglio needs to pay attention rather than castigating and degrading faithful Catholics who have had their fingers in the dike battling the murderous evils of abortion, contraception and–pshaw!–homosexuality. This is not small ball, Bishop Francis.


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