Lou asks the hard question…

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Lou Verrecchio has done it. He’s gone out and asked the hard question, given all the foolish and outrageous statements 6 months into the pontificate of the Bishop of Rome, Pope Francis.

He asks: “Is Francis a modernist”? And that’s in the classic sense, opting to cite passages from the encyclical of encyclicals on the topic: Pascendi Dominici Gregis by a saint and pope of impeccable stature, Pope St Piux X, who sought to root out what he called the “synthesis of all heresies”, Modernism. The centenary of his passing on to the next life will be a year from now in Sept 2014.

You can view the cited encyclical here…

Pope St Pius X had no problem wearing the vestments proper to the office of the Supreme Pontiff…maybe we can start a new stylish wrist band saying “WWPD”…What Would Pius Do?

Verrecchio makes a good case for it, bringing up something ESH had not heard yet: on this first blessing, he refused to invoke the Blessed Trinity, saying In the pope’s own words, it was “out of respect for the consciences” of non-Catholics.

The leader of 1+ billion Catholics worldwide showed he was ostensibly ashamed to invoke the name of the God-man who died to redeem us all, plebes and popes alike, that name which is above all other names, at whose mention St Paul said “every head shall bow and every knee shall bend”. Was he worried more about the respect of men rather than not offending God and giving Him and His name all praise, honor and glory?

Read it and judge for yourself. A hard rain is gonna fall.


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