WAGS secret policy on narcotics belies hypocrisy…

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National retail pharmacy powerhouse Walgreens, known in the industry as WAGS–based on its stock symbol–has a secret policy checklist on narcotics prescriptions, ESH has learned.

The chain, refuses to acknowledge the policy–exposed by a pharm tech whistleblower–and reveal it to the public, a Chicago-area TV station reported. After being busted for filling fake Class II narcotic Rxs and some CIII’s like Vicodin or its generic,

13 WTHR Indianapolis

WAGS started a checklist that its pharmacists are required to follow. Many genuine pain-filled patients have been turned away from a number of WAGS pharmacies.

ESH wonders where the same howling is for this unethical and immoral policy when the abortoholics and feminazi wacko jobs went beserk over some pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions that kill some of it patients intentionally–abortifacients like Plan B, ella, and most so-called oral “contraceptives”.


WAGS was a huge defender of current IL state prisoner Rod “Slobodan” Blagojevich, the crazy Serb who ran Illinois with an iron fist for almost 8 years and promoter of his illegal diktat that was later overturned by a number of courts.

The hypocrites at WAGS hounded and fired a number of pharmacists, sometimes in the dead of night, in implementing the Blagojevich diktat.

My, how things have changed from the abortion-filled Blagojevich heydays of 2005.


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