Ha! Good guys 17 Bungals 6…

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Ha! ESH was wrong but in a good way!

The Good Guys from the North Shore on Lake Erie (aka Cleveland Browns) put a wooping on the Bungals from Ciincy by an even bigger margin, 17-6. It wasn’t the offensive shoot out ESH ahd hoped for, but it did elevate them to 2-2 on the season and a 3 way tie for 1st place in the AFC North.


Breakout TE Jordan Cameron, who used to catch them from Andrew Luck at Stanford, continued to make nothing but plays with 10 catches for 91 yds and his 5th TD of the season. Thanks to Holmgren, Shurmer and Co for keeping this budding talent sitting on the pine for 2 seasons.

Thanks also to all 3 other teams in the AFC North (including the Bungals) for losing: the Squeelers lose embarrassingly to the Vikings (whom the Browns neutered last week) in jolly ol’ England 31-24, capped by a sack and fumble lost by once iconic ‘Big Ben’. We don’t want them, maybe the socialist Brits can keep the Squeelers?

Then the Buffalo Bills, our target at home this Thursday on national TV, persevered against the Ratbirds 23-20 by picking off Flacco’s FIFTH interception thrown near the end of regulation time. Bet Modell’s heirs and their cannolli buddy are glad they re-upped last years SB MVP with $120 Mill.



Local North Olmstead product QB Brian Hoyer, a grad of St Ignatius HS, lit it up with 269 yds in the air, no picks and no fumbles, much improved over last week (even if that too was a much-needed win).

Yes, indeedy, who needs an SSRI when this stuff is happening? Couldn’t have scripted it better.


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