So sorry you’re confused again (still?)…

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We see the hard extreme left is at it again now that Dingy Harry and the senate Dems have ensured the shut down of the US government, even if only for a short time.

They are clamoring against the wascally wepublicans and their “war on women” who want to sleep around, act slutty and have the taxpayers foot the bill before and after coitus, in case they want to kill their new baby with chemicals or surgery.


Gee with all those Klan Parenthood signs, you think this was rent-a-mob by the country’s largest domestic terrorist group? And what do they rely on PP for anyway? A paycheck? 403B pricing so PP can buy abortifacient OCs for pennies on the dollar and charge the taxpayers $25-50/pack?

Stop taxpayer abuse and shut all the payments for any “family planning” now, any funding to PP, and an airtight, fool proof conscience clause, not the one from the Regime that sounds like it was cooked up by the Politboro in Soviet Russia or by the Chi-Coms.



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