Disparaging Fatima: fellow Jesuit says this “is not a God I would want to worship”…

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A fellow Jesuit of the Bishop of Rome gives it to the Holy Trinity and the Mother of God with both barrells recently. So much for the “conservative” Fessio and his adulation of Vatican II, as if the first 21 or 22 ecumenical councils of the Church never existed.

Father Joseph Fessio, SJ was asked by Hugh (an attendee at the Identity Conference) via St Gabriel Radio in Columbus, OH about the Consecration of Russia on Patrick Madrid’s radio show. Madrid attends St Patrick’s Church, downtown in Columbus, OH, an inner city parish without a school in the heart of downtown run successfully by the Dominican Fathers.

The question comes at 27:42

—>Fessio’s words:  “Any God that would require a specifically minute formula for all countries including Russia to save the world is not a God I would want to worship….{…} I’m not interested in discussing it…”


How about both messages, Father? Christ did indeed forgive and have mercy, as the Church always has. But He always first demanded that they repent and leave their lives of sin, and not congratulate them for staying in the pig sty and the manure of life, as it were.

Rather, Fessio seems to prefer the sinner stay where they are instead of “a bunch of rules” that may actually lift them with graces from the 7 sacraments left by Christ, so that we may indeed share in His divinity in the next life.

One wonders if Fessio professes this same “love, love, love” when discussing the canonical status and animus for the SSPX?


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