Whew! So it’s unemployment and oldness, not baby killing or sodomy

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Here we go again.

The Bishop of Rome–as he prefers to be called–has gotten a maelstrom of agitation going with his remarks yesterday that the ‘most serious’ evils in the world today are ‘youth unemployment and the loneliness of the old’.

Good thing those pro-lifers and pro-family types were just wasting 40+ years and vast quantities of time, talent and treasure fighting the culture of death and promoting what has always been front and center in Catholic social teaching. And that includes the sacred cow of contraception, defined as intrinsically evil by Pope Paul VI’s official magisterial document from 1967 Humanae Vitae.

Said LSN editor Steve Jalsevac: “The hundreds of millions of unborn, and now other similarly vulnerable persons, being murdered are apparently not among the most important issues in the world. Nor is the damage done to women from these abortions. Nor the deliberate, moral corruption of millions of children by the sex merchants allied with the population controllers and abortion providers. Nor the blackmailing and economic and other punishments of entire developing nations who resist the de-population elites.”



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