Pope Francis the clinical pharmacologist…

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Not only has the Bishop of Rome [he insists on that title instead of being called the Pope or Supreme Pontiff] been poor at being consistent with what the Church and Magisterium have always thought, but he also has that same poor clinical judgment shared by many lay people who are not in the pharmaceutical or medical fields. Streptomycin, which should be reserved for use after most other antibiotics have failed–assuming we are dealing with a bacterial infection and not a viral or fungal one–can indeed cause hearing loss, nephrotoxocity, neurotoxicity as well as the other maladies noted by Dr D. If the nurse did as described below, that may be a cause for action against her license, even in crying Argentina….

He also indicates in the interview one cannot have knowledge a priori but only a posteriori, by empirical data. Take to its logical conclusion, that would negate any religious truth, let alone the One True Faith founded by Jesus Christ. That’s some epistomology!

And would this unusual high dosing of streptomycin being one of the root causes of the tone deafness of the Supreme Pontiff to the cries and pleading of faithful, loyal orthodox Catholics for relief from the heterodoxy and modernistic propensities thus seen since he was elected in March this year?

See the quote below from the Pope’s interview with the Jesuit magazine. This is what the Pope thinks is good. He likes to push the envelope (obviously). He approves of what this nurse/nun did to him? Apparently he thinks he needed three times the conventional doses of these antibiotics. What evidence does he have that he couldn’t have recovered if he were given the conventional doses? He approves of the actions of this nun because he recovered. What if he had had a reaction to the overdose? It would have ruined his kidneys or even killed him.

One Catholic doctor relayed to ESH: “This is crazy. I would freak out if, on her own, a nurse would triple the dose of drugs I had prescribed. Yikes!By the way, streptomycin can cause toxicity in the brain, kidneys, ears, etc. I hear that the Pope cannot learn English because he’s “tone deaf.” He never sings at Mass. Did that nun give him so much streptomycin so as to cause him to develop sensori-neural hearing loss? I bet that he has severe loss the ability to here sounds of certain frequencies. I guess they don’t have malpractice lawyers down in Argentina. That nun would lose her license to practice nursing here in the United States.”

“The frontiers are many. Let us think of the religious sisters living in hospitals. They live on the frontier. I am alive because of one of       them. When I went through my lung disease at the hospital, the doctor gave me penicillin and streptomycin in certain doses. The sister who was on duty tripled my doses because she was daringly astute; she knew what to do because she was with ill people all day. The doctor, who really was a good one, lived in his laboratory; the sister lived on the frontier and was in dialogue with it every day. Domesticating the frontier means just talking from a remote location, locking yourself up in a laboratory. Laboratories are useful, but reflection for us must always start from experience.” – Pope Francis




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