De-register pharmacies that sell deadly products not tobacco…

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Like it or not, tobacco remains a legal product in the US that can be bought and sold within the limits of federal and state laws.

Some liberal activists at APhA and individuals like Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Prof. Daniel Hussar have called for state boards of pharmacy to not renew licenses of pharmacies which sell tobacco and tobacco-like products. What happened to “freedom of choice”? So one type of chemical war on the preborn with WMDs is allowed while legal products that, if sold, should preclude a business from its rightful and legitimate trade in pharmaceuticals?

What the anti-smoking nazis have not called for, however, is to ban licensing of pharmacies that carry products that we know directly kill humans, the preborn kind as well as a number of mom-users. These would be abortifacients such as the FDA-mandated OTC Plan B, Next Step and similar high dose steroids–known class I carcinogens–such as so-called oral “contraceptives”, mifepristone [RU 486], ella, Depo Provera, Implanon, various IUDs and other similar products. They are often listen under the euphemism of “contraceptive” but all intellectually honest scientists will readily admit they are often–if not exclusively–abortifacients.

This is the hypocrisy of liberalism, a mental disease in its own right, which will not apply the laws of logic or consistency to anything outside its political agenda, regardless of who gets hurt and who dies, provided it is not a politically protected class such as sodomites and only certain minorities, damn the 38% of American negroes who succumb to the abortionist’s knife, even if they are only 12% of the US population.



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