No metrics?

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The Regime and its many mouthpieces have all reiterated on various TV, radio and other interviews and appearances that they don’t have any exact metrics for signups for Obamacare since Oct 1.

It has been reported that in some states, such as HI and KS–the latter was where HHS Secy Sebelius reigned for 2 terms with an iron fist and a mafia-style protectorate for late term baby killer Tiller the Killer–have had NONE, zero, zilch, nada, nic.

In IA, only five people signed up

The reports of IT disasters with the Regime’s website are legion already. One health care sales rep ESH contacted said he spent 2 full days going through all the rigamarole, calling the 800 numbers which either are inoperable or not answered by Regime worker bees. Never was able to sign up and gave up.

Ha, ha, ha! ESH has had to deal with government types who demand all kinds of metrics, contortions and deliverables on specified dates and times without delay or excuse, or penalties are levied.

Can the American people levy fines on these government drones? Oh, that’s right, no accountability for the Kenyan kommie and his Regime on taking over 1/6th of the economy. Wait till he shoots for other aspects of your life, sucker low info voters.

That’s after he levels those with a conscience still working in healthcare and his war on preborn women and the Catholic religion.




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