Hubris pontificus maximus: “I have the humility and ambition to want to do something.”

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Really? Bishop of Rome–as he prefers–do you?

ESH guesses the interview is being backpedaled and the interviewer Scalafari is being called and 80-something without a recorder or a pen. Ho-hum! The ‘splainers and helpers are out–yet again–‘splaining and helping Pope Francis with the cumbersome task of talking off the cuff and then ‘splaining and helping.

Says Mike Matt at the Remnant:

“Editor’s Note: As this article went to press, the Vatican Press Office—clearly in response to worldwide expressions of dismay by concerned Catholics—has floated reports that the interview of Pope Francis by Eugenio Scalafari quoted in this article was not a verbatim transcript and that Scalfari did not use a tape recorder or take notes. The same neo-Catholic commentators who attempted to defend some of the Pope’s shocking statements in the interview are now exulting that perhaps the interview was not accurate after all—showing once again their willingness to bend and twist themselves in any direction to persuade us all that nothing is amiss in the Church. We are, however, witnessing the Vatican apparatus’s usual two-step.  The interview in its entirety, complete with quotation marks, has been posted on the Vatican website and the Pope has not corrected a single word of it.  Further, Vatican spokesman Fr. Federico Lombardi told the press that “if Francis felt his thought had been ‘gravely misrepresented,’ he would have said so.” ”

Maybe if we just read Francis through Francis, as Chris Ferrera does recently at the same website. Read it here…

Louis Verrecchio may be right: maybe the new Pontiff is a modernist. What explains his love of immanentism and utter dislike of tradition? Why are pro-lifers degraded as being obsessed with protecting the most defenseless, fighting the intrinsic evils of contraception and sodomy?  This pontificate, within 7 months, has quickly becoming a total catastrophe by any rational Catholic standards, although the ‘splainers and helpers will likely say it is a resounding success, has opened a window to the sewer-filled morality of the world and is yet another ‘new Springtime’ which only needs to be interpreted and enacted in yet another hermeneutic of discontinuity with all the Catholic Church has taught always, everywhere and for all to believe, if only the pesky restorationists would get out of the way and stop having their nuns be so, well, spiritual.



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