Zoo gates open…

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Over the wekend the computer system regulating the EBT, WIC and SNAP program debit cards crashed and it was a free for all in places such as Mansfield, OH and Louisiana.

EBT Cards

Some SNAP users, sensing a long government-type shutdown like the kind forced on the nation by the Kenyan kommie, Dingy Harry and the Dems, went beserk and clean out the local Wal Mart shelves, one lady to the tune of $700 with only $0.49 left on her government taxpayer sponsored card. ESH is glad to be of service and help to such poverty-driven self centered dung beetles, who as one poster said, seize any opportunity, as long as it is not spelled J-O-B.

Some other choice, picturesque comments:


So when ObamaCare shuts down, as did these cards and Walmart, stupidly open their arms to stealing, does this mean I can get my new body on the dole also….It will shut down, as Obama used a Canadian firm to set up a system to serve millions that at best can serve thousands….

    • bajasurfer  FR2011

      Ha ! …. Do you realize we’re dealing with a Marxist community organizer ? obamacare is destroying jobs …. this is what he wants . Don’t you see what’s happening around you ? Wake up

    • Avatar
      deathgoat  FR2011

      He’s not the President. He’s (I think it’s a He) George Soro’s little Marxist Sock-puppet.

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    Mel Content

    The reason the liberals and Democrats continue to support welfare isn’t based on morality or reason. They do it in order to pacify a monster of their own creation that they can not control.

    • Avatar
      bajasurfer  Mel Content

      Another irony is the democrats tried to block passage of the 1964 civil rights act and the southern democrats were the ones who created the KKK . And the blacks vote democrat . Ha !

You have to love middle America when it is openly honest when posting anonymously about the Regime and the leeches. They learned so well at the feet of their government that what is yours is mine and stealing is OK if I only do it for the right reason…


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