Fellay filets antics of the Bishop of Rome…

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The neo-con Catholics will not like this one either…all the ‘splainers and helpers are too busy ‘splaining away all the missteps of the Bishop of Rome, as the Pope prefers to be called.

Bishop Fellay, titular head of the SSPX did not mince words in entreating the Holy Father to work at helping save souls, rather than help them perish with his now manyfold questionable and–arguably–modernistic statements. Bishop Fellay had something to say about the Bishop of Rome on the 12th; and boy, he did not mince words.

Mundabor goes into greater detail on his blog today and you can see that here…

He adds:

“Fellay is on record with saying that Francis is making an already disastrous situation “10,000 time worse”, and his metaphor with Francis and the parachute is, actually, funny in a very tragic way. He is obviously right in his analysis that Francis is willingly throwing bombs at the Church, possibly thinking the poor will be able to find better shelter among the ruins.”

Who will feed the poor if the Obamatrons Francis is supporting with his liberation theology statements have all their wealth and goods absconded by the omnipotent secular state?



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