Aussie abortoholics go Kenyan, whine about how portrayed…

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After a verbal and physically violent confrontation last weekend at the March for Babies event in Melbourne, Asutralia, the abortoholics involved are whining as to how they are being portrayed by what is usually a very accommodating drive by liberal media.

(LifeSiteNews has just completed its own video with march highlights. It clearly reveals some of the mayhem and intense hostility of the pro-abortion mob and a few of the physical assaults which police refused to stop or take any action on. Our reporter was unable to capture video of the other assaults. Note that the Melbourne police did not clear the protesters away duriing the 90 minutes that the march was held up along the way by the pro-aborts. Police just stood between the two groups even though the marchers had a permit for their route.)

Here’s the video. ESH notes just in this one pic, the abortoholics have no concept of science claiming each “masturbations kill (sic) 300,000 babies”. Any first year science student knows sperm are gametes and not a new unique human life. Almost as assinine as calling a new baby a “fertilized egg” another voodoo science whopper often told by the lying drive by state run media. Note also the many “rainbow” signs and apparrel promoting the sin of sodomy as well. Normally abortoholics are tied to the hip with sodomites.

ESH reports, you decide (that the abortoholics are violent as well as the scum of the earth on these matters):


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