Kasich end around could be a TFL…

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The John Kasich end around to the GOP dominated OH assembly may be only temporary. ESH speaks of the Medicaid EXPANSION (that’s right this profit-minded big-business waskaly Wepublican wants MORE govt in your pocket and more dependency on the state’s teet).

It may end up being a boondoggle and a TFL (tackle for a loss) for Kasich, the McKees Rocks, PA born son of a Croatian grandfather from stari kraj.  The Catholic turned protestant Kasich may have bit off more than he can chew as he looks towards the 2014 re-election season for his seat. He may think, gee, they’ll love me like the Dems who regularly hand out these goodies to those who like to live off the work, sweat and toil of the sucker producers in American society.

A cool 275,000 MORE people would join the Medicaid ranks of 2.2 million Ohioans if this stands. The state assembly, dominated by the election sweeps of 2010 by the GOP, voted down Medicaid expansion–seen as shoring up IT crumbling Obamacare in Ohio–in the recently voted budget. Hold on: Kasich want sthat $2.56 Billion extra the Sebelius-led feds at HHS are dangling like twinkling objects before his eyes.

So, he had his state Controlling Board, dominated by Kasich appointees, do his end around, and vote for the same Medicaid expansion in an administrative stunt yesterday. The constitutional rights 1852 Center for Law and Justice plans to sue Hiz Honor over the matter, State assembly GOPers also state they’ll join the lawsuit.

So it ain’t quite over yet for Kasich, going to battle with his own loyal party people. ESH thinks the Dems will just step aside and let the GOP eat its own yet again.

Stay tuned, developing….


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