Ohio BMV “glitch” feels like Obamacare…

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My fellow friends and Ohioans:

ESH was at the local Ohio BMV this morning at 8AM sharp and, of course, their computer system was down for driver’s license renewals; motor registration was working fine. Being a state agency that is not geared towards the customer, ESH will have to go back later as they don’t offer free delivery like ESH did when he owned or managed a pharmacy. Let’s hope their “glitch” is not like the recent 5 million lines of coding errors in Obamacare.

—> More irking was the plastic license plate covers they offered: Proud Grandparents, faux breast cancer awareness, lots of OSU flavors, Cavs, Bengals and–ughh–Squeelers. ESH and the equally irritated guy next to me reminded them this is Ohio, paid by Ohio taxes, not Pennsylvania.

Here’s a couple of examples in case they are clueless:

Where are the Browns, Indians and Reds plate covers, we asked aloud? Maybe these nice ladies could go work for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and free up some jobs for unemployed loyal Ohio sports fans? Just sayin’!

The Indian [the Asian kind, not the Chief Wahoo kind] lady who was the manager, promised to get in some Browns plates for both of us. ESH will follow up. Book it, Dano.

ESH is still sucking down Tums and Prilosec OTC to get over the unexpected early morning indigestion and weather change. The last time ESH had this much fun, it was for a digital proctology exam.

God bless you & have a nice day! ESH is live & reporting that it’s about 33-34 F and snowing in Columbus this morning!


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