What does it matter!!!???

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Ah, the infamous Benghazi testimony of the former FirstLadySecretaryofStateSenator Rodman Clinton.

So, she tells a heckler at the MAC University of Buffalo that “which doesn’t include yelling. It includes sitting down and talking.” She ought to know. But the heckler only pointed out she is culpable and has the blood of 4 Americans on her hands for her role in the events.

With all the reports of screaming and flying lamps during the 8 long years the US citizens had to endure with her cigar-manipulating, dress staining, mendacious, philanderer excuse of a husband. No wonder witnesses have come forward recently testifying to her bisexual proclivities.

Looks like the tables will start turning on the abortoholic bisexual extreme radical of Wellesley College as she eyes running in 2016. The Dems and GOP may equally love her:  the former because they are mentally ill zombies, the latter because she (and her hubbie) offer just so much chock full o’ campaign commercials going back to the drug running, people disappearing days of Mena Airport in Arkansas.

Ah, good times! BTW, with that pic above, the last time ESH saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it.


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